Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Little introduction

Now I started this blog yesterday with no introduction so people who dont know me have no idea who i am. Well lets change that!
Im just a regular guy living in germany (yeah sorry about WWII) who likes to go skateboarding and to play guitar. I also have no idea how to blog, and with this little project im gonna try to learn it ;-) What the blogs gonna be about is in the first post. Well thats about it ! If someone (IF i have viewers one day :D) has some things you want me to talk about leave a comment! More Posts coming soon.

See you soon!

Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

First real post

Ok so here goes
Im gonna tell you a story that happenend to me last night.
So there I was sitting with a friend just chilling, listening to some music and then a 3rd person comes by.
I admit that i dont have a very "mainstream" taste in music, saying that i mostly listen to Hard Rock and Metal, but there he is and tells us that our taste in music is shit. WHAT THE FUCK?!
Seriously, just because you intolerant son of a bitch likes lady gaga doesnt mean we all do!? Alright fine by me just listen to that that mtv tells you to, but dont come shittalkin some alternative music!

This fucking irks me. When people are in the (bigger) wrong and think theyre right. I mean, you can tell us that you dont share the taste in music, but dont say its shit. Well i could bitch way more about this topic and i will but not now because im freaking raging right now again and need to calm down.

Oh yeah, the dude was wearing an ed hardy shirt... just saying!

New Blog

So here it is: my new announced blog !
Sure took awhile, o well...
So in the following time i will post here everything that i find interesting and/or relevant.

See you around!