Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Looking for Alaska

So I just read "Looking for Alaska" from John Green in one session and I am astonished.
This books is undescribable. It's different and its awesome. Through the whole book you bond with the characters, feel their ups and downs and more importantly: It doesnt end. After you read it there are so many questions to answer, not really about the plot, but about yourself. This novel gives you a whole new perspective about life and death and how we find the way out of this labyrinth.

I recommend this book to everyone with all my heart and I will do posts about topics in this book on this blog.


  1. You'll find it at the top left.
    Above Washington State.
    You're welcome.

  2. Is there a movie version of this book?
    Also, what book is it similar to?

  3. For a second I thought this may have been about Sarah Palin's new reality show.

  4. I love novels that make you think, I might just check it out.

  5. i'll have to check that out next time im that the library... and i'll also have to get a library card first lol

    on second thought, maybe there's an ebook for my iPhone

  6. I reely like your post!
    I follow you dayle!nice work Bro!