Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Skateboarding and it's followers

No since the blog is called "randomstuffaboutskateingandmore" i might as well post something skateboarding-related. Now Ive been at the local indoor skatepark called the "skate-basement", today and met some of my friends and other cool guys. The problem that i have is, that since skating became popular you have all this fucking posers around. Now this isnt supposed to be a rant that skateboarding should be underground again and stuff, quite the opposite, i think its kind of great, because now so much money gets put in in skateparks, skatecompanies etc., but little kids being in your way and not even apologizing just sucks!

In some other news in the next time there is gonna be a little renovation at the skate-basement, but this is just interesting to the locals ;)

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I didn't know Skateboarding had such a big community, although it is good to know that skaters used to be cool kids. :)

  2. random blogs are the best in my opinion. be sure to check mine, its full of random crap :)

  3. i assume youve been into skateboarding for long while then , thats cool , ima check this blog out more

  4. I used to skate, tried to begin again this summer but an infection in my big toe kinda ruined that plan.